A few quickie reviews

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A few quickie reviews

Postby bam bam on Mon Aug 11, 2008 9:38 am

Cafe Grenada, Dinner--I have heard some good things. We decided to give it a try, while it is a vast improvement over anything that has ever been in that location, the overall experience is still not up to snuff. The menu sounds better than the execution. The sangria sucks (too much nutmeg, I think). I had the paella, which was actually the best thing. But instead of a wonderful seafood paella, they screwed it up by adding some chunks of rubbery overcooked chicken. DC had the duck, which she didn't finish. We split a few unremarkable appetizers. I might go back one more time for investigatory purposes but I cannot recommend this restaurant currently.

Rib Room, Brunch---I am a huge fan of the Rib Room. Not a big fan of brunch. We met at 11:30 am which is an awkward time for dining anyway. I am always flummoxed as to whether to order breakfast or lunch at these things. I decided on the prix fixe. My first course was a cheese blintz which came with strawberries, blueberries and a little of their reduced juices. This was probably the best thing I ate all week. I could have just eaten a two plates of those. I followed up w/ the eggs sardou which was ok. I don't really like the dish and have no idea why I ordered other than the fact that I probably haven't ordered it in 10 years. One of my DCs ordered it as well. She doesn't like her eggs runny and requested more of soft boiled egg on top. I told the waiter, I wanted mine poached properly. This was to no avail. My dish was soft boiled eggs sardou. I had some bizzare dessert concoction which I ate about two bites of. Patrick kept the champagne flowing which was nice. The folks who ordered the prime rib, which is what I should have ordered were very pleased. I never hesititate to recommend the Rib Room and if you are forced to endure a brunch, it is as good a place as any but I would have rather had dinner.

Stop 9, Breakfast---This place is a vast improvement over Coyoacan. I had a the special omelet which contained mushrooms, grape tomatoes, goat cheese and spinach. The omelet was cooked perfectly and the ingredients tasted like they had just been picked from a garden. One minor complaint, I am not a huge fan of their coffee. I still highly recommend this place.
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