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Post by flyinbayou »

OK, this time last year we were in a 36-seat limo bus puttering down a really congested I-95 back to Miami, singing "We Are the Champions" at the top of our already hoarse voices but it didn't matter....cuz we were the champions.

So, with that in mind, and the ensuing depression that has occurred because we didn't make it back this year, was this year's SB about as bad as you've seen?
  • The match-up
Admittedly, it was OK. Not great. Neither team was going to wow you with any part of their game and both had been to the big game several time before. Oooh, let's throw in a couple of color additives to liven things up, like Big Ben staying out at a piano bar and running up a big tab and an Aaron Rodgers photo-gate! How bad was the game? The guy that dropped at least 3 passes, Jordy Nelson, was 2nd in MVP voting! Please. zzzzz
  • The weather
Too many people said that the NFL couldn't control the weather. Ahh, but they do control where the game is held. Once they get it through their heads not to use the building of a new stadium as criteria the better off fans will be. Too much money goes into this game to have a repeat of what we had in Dallas this week. I say even if the weather was perfect' a city such as Dallas is unfit due to the logistics. Many, if not most of the week's events were held in Fort Worth. Not a short distance to the stadium, mind you. The city of Dallas is even further.
For the same reason, I would eliminate Phoenix and Miami, although I may give Miami a pass for having South Beach.
  • The National Anthem sung by Christine Augilar
Please. I know every singer want to own the song, but the bottom line is, it isn't for sale. It's our song, not yours. In the process of trying unnecessarily to "interpret" the song, if you screw the lyrics up, you should be banned from singing the song. Forever.
  • Joe Buck and Troy Aikman
When I heard the announcement that they would be on Super Bowl Sunday, I thought they meant as a cameo on GLEE! To steal a line from a popular ESPN segment, "C'MON MAN!!!" My little toe has more energy than these two gerbil lovers have collectively. They would be perfect doing the play-by-play of, say, the State of the Union address. But the Super Bowl?
Since Yuckman and Boytoy have been teamed up for so many seasons, here's how I watch a game they're broadcasting:
I turn off my center speaker of my surround sound, thereby enabling me to hear all of the broadcast except for the speaking. Then I tune into La Fabulosa on AM 830. I don't speak Spanish but I know football well enough to not need to understand what they are saying. They are always emphatic. Cook up some fajitas and tacos and try this sometimes.
  • The half-time show
I admit I may not have my pulse on hip-hop and such, but "who are the Black Eyed Peas?" I asked those in the know of such. "So, are they a cover band or do they not have much music because I am seeing other musicians such as Slash and Usher doing their own songs? And doesn't Fergie have her own band?" I can see why! Make fun of bands like "The Who" all you want but I didn't hear them doing any Aerosmith songs or Rolling Stone songs. Oh, and there was a reason I didn't shell out $7 to see Tron 2. Thanks.

Now let's all hope we see Green Bay next year hosting the Saints on that opening Thursday night game so we can start the reclamation process of the Lombardi!
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Re: SuperBowl

Post by Jerry »

Well done FB.

I listen to Saints games on the radio where you can hear the National Anthem - TV broadcast seldom include it.
When the singer does it so that no one can sing along I's not American Idol!...:confused:

I took a shower during half time when I heard a group staart singing rap - with no musicians.
I know there are a lot of young people in the audience but it's not Voodoo Fest....I like your Tron reference FB.

We're glad Green Bay won...:toast:
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Re: SuperBowl

Post by Backstrap »

The game was entertaining enough. The #6 seed going all the way is interesting. I think the Patriots could have cleaned either of their clocks had they made it.

Buck is a good enough baseball announcer but this is an example when crossover doesn't work. Aikman shares his thoughts until it becomes very obvious he's using cliches then he shifts. I don't think he studies the game anymore and lives off old memories.

My hope about the weather issue is that it will be exactly like this week in two years when it's in Jersey. I would love to see them try and pull the game off in a blizzard. Completely screw it up and they'll do away with cold weather cities.

When you let limited talent pop starsvtry and sing the National Anthem. This is what you get. My bet is she put zero time in rehearsing and thought she could do it from memory. Oops.

The halftime show was a joke. Someone had the idea, "I know, let's try to look like the Olympics and insert some rap stars." I think most people don't watch it anyway, so they would be just as well off bringing back the marching bands.

Now with Sean Peyton moving the family to Dallas maybe the Saints can move on to a new phase when his contract runs out. Just make sure to give Brees the ranch to stay.
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