The "secrets" to light gnocchi

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The "secrets" to light gnocchi

Postby jodyrah on Sat Apr 03, 2010 10:05 am

Don't know why I never made these before. They are super easy. I did a lot of research and these things I believe are key:

Idaho/russet potatoes only

potatoes must be baked...boiling causes them to retain moisture (even after drying)=heavy

potatoes should be riced while hot to allow excess moisture to escape

no salt in the dough...again, moisture retention...a generous grinding of white pepper only

hands off... dough should be mixed with a pastry scrapper as if making pastry, then brought into a ball w your hands.

rest dough 5 minutes before rolling/forming

boil in HEAVILY salted water...this is where the gnocchi get their salt since none is in the dough

after boiling, refresh immediately in ice water

At this point, gnocchi can be tray frozen, then bagged for future use. I froze some but have not used them yet. Probably be awhile since we are gnocchied out.

I experimented with several sauces. My favorite: (a variation of La Boca's ...I find theirs tasty but too heavy and gooey) cream sauce lightened with stock, with a bit of garlic, sauteed pancetta, peas, cayenne, and reggiano. Jumbo lump instead of pancetta would have been my first choice were it on hand. Next, my husband requested buffalo sauce w/ bleu cheese on the side... on the off chance it would actually be good. He said it wasn't bad, I couldn't bring myself to try. Also made a very lemony butter sauce with fresh marjoram....tried this mixed into a bit of the cream sauce as well, a light fresh tomato sauce w/lemon zest, a bit of fresh rosemary, a hot chili, garlic and some stock, shaved reggiano, then just seared and drizzled w fresh basil oil, reggiano.

We tried them seared and just boiled with each sauce. Our preference was seared, everytime.
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Re: The "secrets" to light gnocchi

Postby Schuarta on Sat Apr 03, 2010 2:00 pm

I put it on my TO-DO list. ;)
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