Jack Dempsey's - comments?

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Re: Jack Dempsey's - comments?

Postby justagirl on Mon Jul 14, 2008 6:48 am

The Country Club is all I have going on in the Bywater...I'm there a lot! The food is good. Chef Chris will be doing a Tiki dinner soon :)
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Re: Jack Dempsey's - comments?

Postby jshushan on Mon Jul 14, 2008 11:44 am

justagirl wrote:Elizabeth's used to be so good. It pretty much sucks now. My DC wanted to go there for breakfast this morning and I talked him out of it and we met at Panola St Cafe instead. I was glad I could change his mind.

The Country Club is also in that area, Louisa between the river and Royal. They have brunch, lunch and dinner. I think they start about 11am. Very good food.

I agree with JAG about Elizabeth's. I have two BAD lunches there in the last six months and have given up. The Country Club has good food. Just ignore what goes on in the rest of the place. I also wouldn't send a single male diner there who didn't know what's up with that place. That said, I like the food.

Jack Dempsey's. I like the place. I basically agree with the other posters that it isn't worth driving across town for but if you're in the hood.

I would suggest the gumbo. It's good and comes with some of the plates. My other rec is the mac and cheese as a side dish instead of fries.

The large platter will feed three normal people or two serious eaters. It's not the best fried stuff in town but it's pretty good and they use redfish and catfish on the platters and that's nice.

Bottom line is if I'm in that part of town, I'll go in.

The menu is much smaller than pre-K. They used to have a lot of broiled seafood but got rid of that after 8/05. Enjoy if you go.

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