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Postby Oyster on Sun Oct 10, 2010 2:16 am

Great casual dinner tonight. Started with the Petite salad for the wife and I, followed by the Moules Frites for me with the wine/cream sauce. Wife, as usual, had the strip steak. A bottle of Penfolds served well. We had opportunity to chat with the owners at great length, as there was one other table, then we were the last patrons. They blamed all the Oktoberfest festivities around town for crimping their volumn, but LSU may have had a part in the small turnout also.

Talked the owners into Middendorf's to sample Horst's Oktoberfest fare, and they were quite excited to hear about it.

Clementine's is a great casual place for some very nice items. We promised that we would return more frequently, as it simply slides off our radar. We just might make it our regular "go to" place.
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Re: Clementine's

Postby Gourmondo on Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:36 am

Since we aren't West Bankers, I am not in a habit of thinking about this place, but every time we've been we've really enjoyed it. That they've made it this long is a testament to the quality of what they do, because the location sucks big-time. Remember Willy Coln's? Glad you mentioned them 'cause I'll put them on the list to return to.
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Re: Clementine's

Postby ratcheese on Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:41 pm

Too bad Clementine's is on the West Bank, because like you say they're just off the radar.

We had a wonderful meal there, but it has been a couple of years back. I remember my wife raving about the Moules AND they served a traditional Coup Denmark which had her giggling with memories of her childhood in Europe.

If you've never had a Coup Denmark, you need to get over there and try one. They are actually nothing more than an ice cream sundae, served with melted Belgian Chocolate, but man, does that good chocolate make a difference!

Totally authentic. Casual, understated. On the Best Bank.
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